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A space to share. Lesly and her photo students (past and present) post images that may inspire and inform their work. Participating Classes have and currently include: Color Photography Darkroom (Type-C printing), and Color Portraiture, Black and White Darkroom: Book Making / Narrative Strategies + B&W Portfolio and 10 Day NYC Digital Intensive Workshop: Summertime Stories

Ralph Lemon at The Studio Museum in Harlem:

Drawing from an eight-year project by New York-based movement artist Ralph Lemon (b. 1952, Cincinnati) in conjunction with Little Yazoo, Mississippi resident Walter Carter (1907–2010), 1856 Cessna Road explores a friendship that evolved into a close collaboration and features digital animation, large-scale color photographs and a video installation.

Ralph Lemon is a dancer, choreographer, writer and visual artist, and is the Artistic Director of Cross Performance, which he founded in 1995. In 2004, Lemon concluded the ten-year project The Geography Trilogy. Lemon’s most recent multimedia performance, How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere? (2008–10), included the installation Meditation.

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    I like that first picture. I’m so used to seeing men in space suits as powerful men going to the conquest of space, but...
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