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A space to share. Lesly and her photo students (past and present) post images that may inspire and inform their work. Participating Classes have and currently include: Color Photography Darkroom (Type-C printing), and Color Portraiture, Black and White Darkroom: Book Making / Narrative Strategies + B&W Portfolio and 10 Day NYC Digital Intensive Workshop: Summertime Stories

From Slate

The Krampus is also the first beast Charles Fréger  encountered during his two-year journey through 19 European countries documenting pagan festivals. The resulting series, “Wilder Mann” is on view at Yossi Milo Gallery in New York through May 18 and is also available as a monograph titled Wilder Mann: The Image of the Savage published by Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Fréger initially came into contact with the costumed “Wild Man” while watching a friend’s show in Lyon, France. Following his visit with the Krampus in Salzburg, Austria, Fréger knew he had found his next project.

“I found myself in front of something very radical, no face … it was more of a character with a mask and a focus where the body is more important than the face itself,” he said.

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